Applications for the Crippen S1 and S1-QC


Hybrid Corn Plants
The Crippen length grader is exceptionally efficient at separating hybrid seed into various lengths. The special features of the Crippen machines result in greater accuracy. Various height arrangements may be set to re-run either the liftings or the rejects.

Rice Mills
The Crippen machine is used in rice mills to grade clean rice. The cylinders may be installed in banks of various heights to obtain all the necessary separations for grades from extra fancy to brewers. The machines may also be furnished with indent cylinders to lift shelled or clean rice from paddy rice in rough cleaning in seed warehouses.

Flour Mills
The Crippen S1 and S1-QC is recommended for use in all flour mills. Installed in banks of various heights, the Crippen’s obtain optimum separations and capacities. They may be used particularly to reclean wheat from oat tailings from other equipment.

Oat Cereal Plants
The Crippen graders can be equipped with indent cylinders to separate oats into various lengths, removing the pin oats before the products go to the hullers. They can be supplied in many height arrangements.

Grass Seed Processors
The Crippen length graders are extremely popular in the world for removing longs and shorts from good grass seed. Again, through the use of varying height arrangements, proper sizing can be done efficiently and easily.

Sunflower Processors
In the Sunflower Industry, The Crippen S-1 is used to remove unwanted long trash such as sticks and stems.  The Crippen model is used by many processors to achieve the highest standards in quality cleaned sunflower products today.

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