Length Graders

The Crippen Indented Cylinder Length Grader is extremely accurate.
To determine separations of product by product length the Crippen Length Grader simply lifts the shorter product out of the longer product of the main product flow that enters the cylinder intake end. These machines can be stacked in to multiple banks to achieve any desired capacity, most commonly from 100 to 2000 Bu/hr (2.7 to 55 MTPH).
These machines can be arranged in a “Series Flow” or “Parallel Flow” arrangement. The “Series Flow” is arranged to make multiple separations of an incoming product flow in a common bank of cylinders. A common example would be removing both small weed seeds and long trash or wild oats from a good wheat product flow. The “Parallel Flow” arrangement is simply multiple cylinders in a common bank performing the same product separation, such as removing short or cross-broken kernels from a good long kernel rice product flow. The Crippen Indented cylinder separator is an ideal machine to have in the processing of any product that has a difference in product lengths.


  • Exclusive Tapered Cylinder Design for Positive Cleanout
  • 23” Diameter x 88” Long Separating Cylinders
  • Crippen Quick Change Cylinders Standard
  • Hardened Cylinders Standard, The Hardest in the Industry
  • Sealed Friction Rollers Standard
  • Highest Quality Sealed Roller Bearings Standard
  • Sprocket and Chain Drive Standard
  • TEFC 3ph/60hz/230-460volt motors
  • Optional Direct Drive with VFD controller to Adjust Cylinder Speeds
  • Optional Mechanical Hi-Lo Drive to Adjust Cylinder Speed
  • Modular Design Allows Machines to be Stacked
  • A Bank of Cylinders Consists of Multiple S-1 Machines Stacked on Top of One Another
  • A Single Bank May be Stacked as Many as Five Cylinders High
  • Each Bank May be Stacked as Wide as the Application Requires





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